We are again looking for exceptionally designed hotels and will be awarding, for the second time, the Hotel Design Award during the 196+ forum Milan, from 16 – 17 April 2023 at the nhow hotel Milan.
After last year’s introduction of the award, which proved to be the highlight during our Festive Dinner, our interdisciplinary jury cannot wait for this year’s applications.

Therefore, we are targeting hotels that were completed and opened in Europe between October 2021 and April 2023. Please have a further look at our Set of Criteria for 2023 below.

The prize goes to a hotel, which stands out from among its competitors in terms of architecture, design and innovation, no matter whether it is a luxury or a budget hotel, a chain hotel or privately managed, short or long stay, city hotel or holiday resort. 196+ forum Milan regards an exceptional combination of all the individual aspects to form a winning hotel concept.

Please first read the instructions in the document “Set of Criteria” below before preparing the necessary documents and starting the entry process. Once you have registered by entering your name, your e-mail address and address data regarding the submitting company in the application tool, you may start with the submission process ("new entry" button). You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and asking you to confirm your e-mail address. You will also receive a link to the application tool, which will allow you to log in again at any time and to continue your application, as well as to review, edit or print your submissions.

We cordially invite all nominees of the Hotel Design Award to the 196+ forum Milan conference day as well as to our Festive Dinner taking place at nhow hotel Milan. Join the 196+ community in excitement and apply for the Hotel Design Award 2023.

The Hotel Design Award jury and the 196+ events team are looking forward to your application and wish all applicants good luck in the process.

Access will be available from 30 January until 24 February 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the Hotel Design Award or how to apply, please contact sebastian.dachtler@196plus.com.

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